Top Gaming Laptop 2013

Nowadays prices do vary greatly and specifications are so different from machine to machine that choosing the top gaming laptop 2013 will depend on your budget and personal needs as a laptop user.

Top Gaming Laptop 2013: Specs

As nearly every PC can play low-end and high-end games, the most important deciding factor on a suitable gaming laptop remains to be the Graphics Processing Unit or the GPU. If you require complex gaming capabilities, then a dedicated GPU is what you need. It oftentimes gets to the point that GPU’s are more important than the CPUs when it comes to gaming capabilities. While it is a solid fact that a powerful processor will dramatically enhance the overall performance of your PC, it is the GPU that holds the determining factor for the frame rates of every game you will be playing. As opposed to dedicated GPUs, integrated GPUs must not be put to consideration since it will strip you down of any ability to play high-end games because of the lack of dedicated memory allotted for the graphics card.

Top gaming laptops (in 2013) also need good quality displays to run smoothly, especially when rendering 3D gaming. Most high-end laptops, even notebooks, come equipped with full HD 1080p display resolutions and can handle all the gaming workload your machines throw at it. Another factor that’s responsible for handling the visual standpoint of your gaming experiences is the video RAM. It is random access memory that’s exclusive for your video adapters and is different from ordinary RAM because it can be accessed by multiple devices simultaneously. There’s only one drawback, however: VRAM is more costly than ordinary RAM because of its sophisticated features.

Other contributing factors when it comes to identifying the top gaming laptop of 2013 are processor speed (measured in MHz). And when it comes to high-end processors, the advent of dual and even quad core technologies have made flawless gaming possible. Processor speeds are increasing in a steady rate and the gaps between desktop and laptop processor speeds is narrowing as quickly. Some of the notebooks sold today are already shipped with a 3.4 GHz processor.

Hard drives equipped with SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Architecture) also play an important role in a top gaming laptop. Ideal for notebooks, SATA drives use relatively less power than their counterparts and enables faster data transfer, great for storage and moving of your precious gaming files.

All you really need to do is to compare prices and features to be sure you’ll get the ultimate gaming machine you really want. The top gaming laptop 2013 is within your reach.

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